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My Story

How Goji Berries Helped Me

Over the past few years, I had been experiencing tremors that made my writing difficult, and almost impossible to read.  I knew that my family history contained relatives with tremors and Parkinson’s disease, so this was a concern to me.  I began to look for natural remedies that could help stop the progression of this disease.  I began using a drink that contained goji berries. Within a week, the tremors were gone.  After a year and half, I decided to switch over to just eating the berries and leaves.  I had the same success with the berries as I had with the drink.  Unfortunatly, there is no known cure for essential tremors, but I found that even after a couple of years, I am for the most part, free of symptoms.  Occasionally, I experience mild episodes that quickly go away when I eat more goji berries.  I have found that the goji berries are able to address a multitude of issues.  One main advantage, is that my immune system is stronger and I have not been sick in over two years.

Goji berries are not a magic berry that will cure what ails you.  They are a natural food, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, and trace minerals.  They aid your immune system in maintaining good health and possibly rejuvenate the health you once had.

Because of the many benefits that I have experienced, I wanted to share these marvelous berries with you.  And so, Sunrise Goji Berries is our attempt to accomplish that goal. 

Val Brotherton

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