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Buy your nutritious, delicious Goji Berries from Sunrise Goji Berries!

Variety of Uses!

Goji Berries can be eaten fresh, frozen or dried. Top your yogurt or oatmeal with Goji Berries, eat them plain, add them to your favorite baked goods or smoothies! The possibilities are endless. 

Full of Nutrients!

Goji Berries are packed full of nutrients to promote health. They are linked to maintaining kidney, heart and liver health; helping treat diabetes, relieving inflammation from arthritis and more!

Purchase Options

We sell dried goji berries in a variety of sizes.  Check out our online store to purchase in 1lb bags or bulk 5lb or 10lb bags.  Start getting healthy today!

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What are Goji Berries?

Goji Berries are a bright red berry that have been used throughout China for generations because they are packed full of nutrients and healing properties.

Thousands of acres in western China are devoted solely to growing Goji Berries, but they have recently sparked great interest in the western world. 

Goji Berry is just one of several names for this superfood. The Goji Berry is also known as Wolfberry, Tea Berry and Matrimony Vine. 

Our Products

  • Dried Leaves
  • Organic Plants
  • Dried Natural Goji Berries

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